MET Roadside Assistance

MET Malta.Cars inevitably break down. Punctures are not something we’ll ever think will not happen to us, even more so driving in roads where tank tracks would be a more suitable option to rubber. This makes car towing service as important as having fuel in your gas tank.

MET offer the complete works when it comes to taking care of your beloved car; from towing and mechanic services to panel beating and the inevitable VRT. When your car breaks down its nice to call someone whom can not only tow the car but fix it as well rather than having to organise the whole plot yourself. We have never had any issues with works they did on our cars with the service being generally efficient.

We don’t know much about cars other than they require an engine, fuel and four wheels to drive. Because of this, we are never too confident we’re not being overcharged. Having said that we were never charged hefty bills and they explain what works have been carried out even if we don’t really understand what a camshaft is.

MET staff are always helpful and the ‘homely’ type of people. When calling for road assistance they can take a while to get there which can be a bit of a deal breaker (we have waited for 45 minutes on occasions) but once there, they do their utmost to help you out. Their site needs to go through a major update. Quoting pricing in (the now defunct) Maltese Lira does nothing to instil confidence in one’s services.

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