RMF Roadside Assistance

RMF Malta.Having started their operations on the island in 1987, RMF is probably one of the most known roadside assistance service companies in Malta.

Whilst we have never made use of the full suite of services and products RMF offers, apart from roadside assistance their portfolio of services also offers vehicle inspection and legal/ technical advice services. They also offer the possibility to issue out a roadside assistance membership on an individual rather than a particular vehicle. An interesting option for the rich and/or altruistic souls out there.

Whenever we renew anything to do with our car, we seem to get roadside assistance services for free. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually had to pay for this. The online presence of the roadside assistance market in Malta is a complete mess with site quoting fees in Maltese Lira, no homepage whatsoever or plain impossible to find. RMF charge €51 for a basic year membership which isn’t bad if your car tends to break down often.

RMF are very professional people for the most part, with acceptable turn-up times when we used their services.

  1. I had a similar case a few years back where I had to pay after being involved in accident “as it was my fault”. I ended up calling another company whom actually charged me far less than what RMF asked for (I was a member with RMF at that time).

  2. Yesterday, unluckily, I locked my first spare key and main key in my Subaru car CAC294. Naturally I called RMF, to which I have been blindly subscribing to don’t know how many years. To my surprise, I have been asked a fee of 30 euros, since I already had the same incident in 2007.

    I would like to know for how many years I have been subscribed to RMF, the amount of calls made and how much I have paid during this period. Secondly, where can I find these payment conditions when calling for assistance? Thanks.

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