Exotique Malta.Exotuque is one of Malta’s most renowned shops for digital media including audio CDs and games, but does the name live to the hype?

Exotique’s original focus lies within the digital media that includes audio cds, games and DVD/ Blu-Ray movies. They have expanded to include several electronics ranging from PCs and gaming consoles to TVs and MP3 players. They have a website that offers discounts for items bought online. Here you can find a wide range of products that Exotique sell in their outlets.

With such heavy online presence and competition when it comes to digital media, Exotique have some heavy competition. Whilst as we mentioned earlier their website does offer discounts on items bought online, other online retailers tend to deliver cheaper. Items ordered online cannot be picked up from the store and can take up to a week for delivery.

Management are rather nice people though we did have some issues dealing with the front-line staff. Whilst they have seemed to be following protocol, we are inclined to believe this could be more of a leadership issue than rude sales representatives.

  1. Johnny Eriksson

    Not served by Exotique At Bay Street complex. I have spent around 1000 euro in that shop, different items such as keyboards Bluetooth speakers. And today just a couple of minutes ago I went there to buy a replacement speaker for the first speaker I bought there. The guy in they counter recommended a brand called Denon, model Envaya “since to him the model are comparable with the JBL I just had. “He was the one that sold the JBL to me”. Ok nice, let’s spend 200 euro and buy it. Went home, 10 minutes walking distance. Tried it. And I did not like it. Did some research, And the model Envaya was released in 2014. So I went back trying to give him the speaker back. He tells me, you can’t do that. Here take a credit note you only can spend in our stores. I tried to get tell him that Malta is part of Eu, so just give me my money back. But no. I told him you are breaking some Eu rules now, and i will post this on Facebook. He told me watch out, and think twice about doing so. haha not sure if I should laugh or cry. What is right is right regardless! So who do I contact EU consuming affairs office? Can anyone point me in to the right direction please. I might should seek legal advice? Since I should now look over my shoulder? 🙂

  2. Can you please tell me how much the new CD of Adele costs? From which shop can I buy it please? Thanks.

  3. I need Freddie Portelli CD, do you have it in stock? Please tell me how much is it too, thanks.

  4. A quick comparison regarding pricing…

    http://www.play.com – Fable 3 – Eur. 16.49
    exotique.com – Fable 3 – Eur. 52.99

    That’s 321% more…

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