Forestals Malta.A name associated with household entertainment and high prices, Forestals have been around since I can remember selling some of the biggest brands including Sony and Smeg, the funkiest refrigerators one can buy.

Forestals have a vast portfolio when it comes to products ranging from Sony and Smeg to Miele and HP. FGLIT (Forestals Group Limited IT) is the IT arm of Forestals and here you can find the most renowned networking equipment including Sonicwall, Cisco and HP servers.

Whilst commonly known for high-prices, Forestals can be a more cost-effective than other shops. Our purchases have been mostly for IT equipment and here Forestals tend to shine with dependable equipment and excellent after sales services.

Forestals are very attentive to their customer’s needs any qualms we’ve had were addressed immediately and rectified. Their staff is very professional and outgoing making you feel at ease and welcomed in their stores.

  1. Have you reviewed someone who is actually affordable to many? What about AtoZ, Target Tech, Simark and even Klikk for example? All the ones you mentioned are thieves with a VAT license.

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