Toni & Guy

Toni and Guy Malta.Toni & Guy is a chain of renowned hair styling salons run by some of the most professional stylists we have had the pleasure of meeting on top of friendly and very welcoming service.

Toni & Guy is primarily a hair styling salon, however they do add professional hair care products to their portfolio. When it comes to hair styling, Toni and Guy has turned this into an art form. From a head of unruly hair that needs masses of gel to stay in one general direction, with a few snips and a hairdryer they turn wayward hair to a decked-out work of art.

When compared to a typical village barber, Toni and Guy are not off the mark by far. We are far from willing to pay the few extra Euros for what we get after all hair is a very delicate matter. A wrong turn and it will take weeks of embarrassment to fix it.

An organisation’s most crucial asset is its best people and this holds true at Toni & Guy. Some of the best people work here with top, highly personalised customer service all around.

  1. They’re OK, but this sounds like they work miracles or something. I think they’re over-priced in my honest opinion and I know of someone who had an uneven haircut and had to go back to get it straightened out. Nothing out of this world, I know ‘normal’ hairdressers who are just as good.

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