Zara Sliema, Malta.Zara is a world-renowned couture brand, which now includes a home section located in their extensive outlet.

When it comes to clothing we are very picky what to buy. Whilst price plays its importance the cut and fit are definitely a major players. We are quite fond of Zara’s smart clothing having quite recently bought a nice pair of trousers we are rather fond of. They are priced very competitively making them accessible to a wider market.

For the level of tailoring you get, Zara is definitely money well spent. Their home section can be on the high-side of the price-bracket but items we have bought have been of good quality and lasted well.

Service is nothing to write home about, having encountered rather long queues with multiple sales-girls attending to one customer. Having said that we have had no issues we would like to report with staff being generally friendly and helpful.

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