Myoka Lotus Spa & Fitness Center

Myoka Lotus Spa Malta.After a long day at the office sitting down for most of the time we do find it rather healthy to enjoy a bit of physical activity… nothing too strenuous; some weights and the occasional game of squash to keep the gut in place. When we have met too many deadlines in a week we also like to indulge in a bit of swimming, maybe hit the steam-room for some deep-pore cleansing if we are not running late for drinks.

It’s a gym and spa… we’ll talk about the actual gym and spa since this is what you actually pay for though we are aware it is not a product per se. Whilst the gym isn’t the most spacious muscle builder it is rather well equipped with resistance machines stealing most of the show and an area for free weights. The squash court.

The squash court is ok albeit a bit dirty at times and lacking air ventilation. By lacking air ventilation we mean it turns into an oven 10 minutes into playing. It gets so hot you risk slipping in your own sweat. They do offer free water to make up for it, something other gyms will charge you a small fortune for.
The spa area is rather nice with a pool, Jacuzzi a sauna and a steam room.

This gym is not the cheapest around, recently increasing their pricing in a time where everyone is trying to curb costs. You do get the nice spa area so that’s is something u have to pay for we guess.

  1. Best massage ever at this place. Love Malta will recommend to friends!

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