JB Stores

JB Stores Malta.A store designed by a 5-year old on a sugar rush, JB Stores (Iklin) is an easy enough place to find but once you are in, there is no easy way to get out. Escalators are blocked by reams of textiles making you use hidden stairs on the side. Not one thing is in place with no flow whatsoever. To add insult to the injury each floor is an entity of its own. After battling through this maze to find one shower curtain and heading downstairs to pay (you know, like normal shops?!) we were told to go upstairs to pay for it.

Almost everything looks old and grimy. Maybe it’s because everything is in a heap on the floor it reminded us of a teenager’s bedroom where cleanliness tends to be scarce. I am sure with a different setup and more organisation we would have bought the shower curtain and maybe a toaster or something but in this abomination for organisation no interest was sparked.

Pricing is competitive, yes. Whilst are not versed which shower curtain makes are hip and trendy; at the end of the day it’s a sheet of plastic or PVC but when compared to other shops it seems right on track.

Service is bland and to be quite frank we wouldn’t have expected anything more. Not one person can smile working in this environment for 8 hours a day. We do believe there is room for potential though. The Bargain magazine had some excellent offers on shelving last time we had a look.

  1. Hi, I ordered a large Grey towel which you had to deliver to me in San Gwann. Almost a week passed, and still waiting. Many thanks, Ruth 79207110.

  2. Try the St Paul’s branch – staff are great, clean and it’s easy to find anything you require.

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