Piccolo Padre

Piccolo Padre Malta.This quaint little pizzeria set at the beginning of St. Julian’s has been a staple in the local pizza scene since we can remember and I absolutely love it. Maybe it’s the childhood memories of coming here with my mum and sister or the fact that despite undergoing recent renovations it still feels very much the same… it’s nice when some things retain their novelty.

Picollo Padre’s main offering is good pizza. They do offer some other selections but we were not impressed. There are 2 types of pizzas in the world; the delivery pizza that you can share with friends whilst watching a movie and the sit down pizza that you eat with a fork and knife. Whilst we wouldn’t go as far as to call it gourmet, Picollo Padre leans towards the latter type. It’s nice, the view is cool and all very comfortable.

Pricing is what you would expect from this kind of place making it accessible and affordable to anyone. If dining out on a budget this place is definitely one of the better alternatives.

No complaints here, it’s homely and somewhat unnoticeable. We did get one waiter that was a bit too friendly but other than that a good experience overall.

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