Talk of Town Café

Talk of Town, The Palace Malta.Set in the heart of Sliema, surrounded by an old chapel to your right and the hotel on your left, this quaint café is a quiet little spot where you can enjoy lunch or a few drinks a short stop away from the hustle and bustle of Sliema.

With a varied menu ranging from teas and coffees to burgers, pasta and salads there is something to indulge in no matter what you feel like. The food is quite good, upholding the high standard The Palace (of which it is part) is known for. Whether it’s a quick coffee or sharing a bottle of wine Talk of Town offers the just-right environment to chill out and relax.

Prices are set just right for the level of quality and presentation you get. Whilst hotels are generally considered expensive, Talk of Town offers a good alternative to the many places in surrounding area.

Service is generally excellent though I did come across a rather curious case of “What the Hell?!”
Recently, a friend of mine and myself decided to go to Talk of Town to share a bottle of wine and a snack. It was a Sunday afternoon with warm weather and a cool breeze; perfect for lounging in the quasi-garden with a good bottle of wine and talk. We ordered, and the waiter got us the bottle of wine my friend highly recommended. As the waiter tried valiantly to uncork the bottle of wine, the cork broke off leaving titbits along the neck of the bottle and inside.

He then proceeded to stick his pinky inside the bottle to (presumably) clean it and then poured the wine. We were dumbfounded and utterly shocked!! Cork debris floated in the clean glass with whatever germs his little finger picked up clinging on for dear life or perhaps enjoying some of MY pinot grigo themselves. Whilst he did serve us a new bottle, I still can’t figure out what was going through his head.

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