Tex Mex Bar & Grill

Tex Mex MaltaSet at the very start of the Sliema promenade, Tex-Mex is an American diner with a Mexican influence, recently expanding their menu to include Mediterranean cuisine.

With such an expansive menu, it’s hard not to find something you would like at Tex-Mex. Portions are generous and set at reasonable prices. If you like steak, this place should be on your favourite list. From the Vaqueros pizza, loaded with more meat than your local butcher to steak served on a slab of lava that cooks whilst you eat; oh-so-divine! Tex-Mex do know their food!

Presentation can sometimes be a bit of an awkward situation, giving the impression ingredients where thrown in there rather than placed. This is especially true in the pizza, where a thin crust of dough holds a mountain of toppings whilst somehow managing to stay intact. If you tend to eat quite often here, it grows on you though, becoming part of the fun.

We are not ones to shy away from complaining, however Tex-Mex addresses complaints in a stellar manner. I recently had some friends over and we ordered in from Tex-Mex along with two portions of Mocha Mud Pie (something you definitely have to try).By the time the food got delivered, one had melted to what a puddle of chocolate looking more like a Mocha Mud Slide than a Pie. After calling Tex-Mex to complain, they sent us an unusually large portion to say they’re sorry. By an ‘unusually’ large portion I mean it took me 3 days to eat.

  1. We have recently been at Tex Mex Sliema and really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, thanks!

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