Air Malta

Air Malta.In the newspaper more than David and Victoria Becks, Air Malta is now facing its ultimate challenge in keep afloat and maybe become a profitable company someday. All hopes and dreams are tied to the next few months of operation under the helm of a new CEO that seems to upset more people than Jimmy Carr.

Air Malta is an airline that covers most of Europe and parts of northern Africa. It is not a low-fare airline with tickets at times becoming too expensive when compared to other options. Sure, you get more legroom and food but in these tough economic times people would rather save a few hundred euros then have a few centimetres more to stretch their legs. The food is not something you would eat if other options where available building up more of a case to use low-fare airlines with sandwiches bought from departures.

Airline prices tend to vary a lot depending on when a ticket is bought and other factors I do not understand. Air Malta is going through a restructuring process so obviously this hasn’t been working as it should.

Compared to other airlines service is quite good; people actually smile and help you find your seat rather than frown and shout at you to sit down. In some airports Air Malta uses the ‘services’ of other airlines for their helpdesk and check-in and this is an absolute nightmare to deal with if you have insomuch as query. The check-in clerk is always learning the system and the staff are about as helpful as broken phone-box.

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