Ryanair Malta.The old adage you get what you pay for truly works here with uncomfortable seats, scary landings and incomprehensible staff for the most part, but at the prices you pay who’s complaining?

Of course, Ryan Air offers cheap flights across Europe. A previous job saw me going to Dublin on a regular basis and Ryan Air was the only airline that offered direct flights there without any lay-over. I hate lay-overs more than anything else in the whole wide world having suffered 12-hour waits in airports one can say I am terrified of them. They also served food (I use the term loosely) on their flights but you can always buy something from the departure lounge before takeoff,

Cheap flights are Ryan Air’s forte just be careful not to incur any extra charges. If you forget your ticket print-out, a replacement will set you back some €35. Luggage allowance is set at 15kgs and anything above that will cost you €15 a kilogram. Just be careful to not let the extras bite ya and you will be fine.

The air hostess will rarely smile at you saving costs from calorie burn this activity entails. However you get treated to a small dance before take-off where you are shown all of the safety features and emergency exits. What I usually do after watching this un-choreographed, I fall into a deep sleep to avoid the suffering being stuck in a chicken pen entails waking up in the sweet few minutes before landing knowing my cigarette is only a few minutes away.

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