Complaints Malta.Complaints.com.mt is the online portal where consumers can voice their complaints.

Whether you have experienced atrocious service that has left you disdained and on the verge of tears or perhaps you have had some rather great service and want to spread the word around, complaints.com.mt is the place where you can shout it out. Our strict privacy policy protects our users (as long as no law is broken) so let your voice be heard!

We believe in accountability and that it what this is about. If someone has gone through the effort of offering their customers the best service, why shouldn’t it be known so that other people can enjoy (as the adage goes) the bliss of being right? And if someone couldn’t care less about after sales service, why should other people go through the ordeal? We aim to bring a just system, after all word of mouth is the best form of advertising!


  • Step 1. You have a complaint or have received a good service that should get some praise.
  • Step 2. Search for the business by name using the categories list on the left or use the search bar right above it. Click on the title and leave your comment/s using the form at the bottom.
  • If you can’t find the business, leave a comment in the homepage and we will create a page with a review for you. Once this has been done we will notify you by email and then feel to login on complaints.com.mt and leave your comments.

Complaints Resolved.BUSINESS

This is your free resource to gauge your customers and market. Get unbiased feedback of what your customers are saying and use it as your points-for-improvement. Market research can cost a fortune and this site can give you all of that for free. Feel free to respond back to your customers or use the site to speak directly to the customer to ensure satisfaction. After all, repeat customers are your best form of advertising.

  • Step 1. Find your business using the categories on the left or the search bar right above it.
  • Step 2. If your business is listed, see what your consumers have been saying about the service and feel free to respond to any misappropriations or other comments you might come across.
  1. Would like to write a review of CrossCraft about their white goods

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