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Hostel Jones Malta.Hostel Jones launched in 2014 and has since become an Icon for Maltese accommodation, still I wanted to go see the place for myself. It isn’t the first hostel I’ve stayed in and won’t be the last either. I usually stay in hostels when travelling outside of Malta, however I had a late night gig in Paceville where I work as a DJ for one of Malta’s leading Night Clubs and decided to play it safe and not drive home late and drunk so I chose to stay at Hostel Jones.

I dropped by the hostel, picked up my keys and left my bag in my room locker. Immediately I liked what I saw. A very bohemian and welcoming atmosphere with heaps of friendly people looking for other like minded people.

Good time to mention that I booked the cheapest room I could find on their website, which is custom designed for Malta Backpackers and was shocked that I could stay in the middle of Sliema, practically on the beach in the middle of high season for only 10 Euros.

So I started looking for faults, and look I did. But…

  • The bathroom, bedrooms and common areas where all clean;
  • The location was excellent;
  • The staff was friendly and welcoming;
  • The other guests were human beings;
  • The décor and atmosphere was great too;
  • Even the internet was fast.

As the hostel was within walking distance of Paceville, Malta’s main nightlife hub, I had a half hour to kill as I wouldn’t need to find parking. I went down to the outdoor garden, bought a beer and sat down to exchange travel stories. Within 15 minutes I had convinced a few guests to come to my party later, free entrance for them and off to work for me.

I came back to the hostel at 4 am. There were a few guests having a last drink in the garden. They were having fun but were extremely careful to be quiet, even whispering not to wake up any other guests. I was impressed the hostel had encouraged such a positive atmosphere that people had genuine respect for other guests and the hostels vibe!

All the other Malta Backpackers need to look out; Hostel Jones has raised the standard of Hostels in Malta. The fact that it was created from scratch by two Maltese guys made me even prouder. Hostel Jones is not your traditional business venture owned by a corporation and the result of that is a unique location with style and flair that makes me proud to be Maltese.

Well Done Hostel Jones! I’ll be back to stay with some friends soon.

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