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S&P Ratings Services

Malta S&P Rating.Standard & Poor’s, also known as S&P, is a Mc Graw Hill division company that amongst other things provides ratings for a host of financial products and systems. Ratings are there to serve as a guideline indicating the expected performance and stability of a particular financial package/ system.

The higher the rating, the higher a financial package is expected to perform and as such will attract more investment. Lower ratings means poor performance Read more »

Bank of Valletta

BOV MaltaMalta’s banking system has made great strides in the past few years which kind of justifies why people used to ‘save’ their cash underneath kitchen tiles. Malta has, however, become an international hub of financial activity, boosting the economy, creating jobs and putting us on the map. I mean we were always there, but now people notice us.

For the most part, BOV is a traditional bank offering Read more »