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BOV MaltaMalta’s banking system has made great strides in the past few years which kind of justifies why people used to ‘save’ their cash underneath kitchen tiles. Malta has, however, become an international hub of financial activity, boosting the economy, creating jobs and putting us on the map. I mean we were always there, but now people notice us.

For the most part, BOV is a traditional bank offering loans, savings and current accounts, business banking and other such products. Specialized packages like JEREMIE help SMEs invest more whilst wealth management services get everyone in hot water (cold water if you are the client and find yourself minus your savings).

It’s a bank. ’nuff said.

We have found service to be dependent on the person you are dealing with. It can either be a godsend or a downright nightmare making you wish mobile phones had a cord so that you can hang yourself and be done with it.

  1. Once again their bad customer service strikes. I just went in and the ticket machine wasn’t working (again) so a queue has formed waiting for the customer srvice desk to issue hand written numbers. The only girl was DEALING WITH OTHER ISSUES SO WE WAITED AND WAITED until I walked out promising to change banks.

  2. I totally agree with the complaints I’ve seen about BOV. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. Unfortunaty I am stuck with them for now.

  3. Michael Grima Seychell

    BOV is arguably the worse bank in the world. My card was due to expire end of month, I checked with branch was told it was sent on 15/05. Not having received card by 24/05 I phoned customer care, I was told it was sent to wrong address, the bank sends me a statement every 4 weeks, I have the right address on internet banking & I also have investment with the bank. To add insult to injury some idiot cancelled the card & charged me for stolen/lost card. I now have no access to account, rent is due & I need money for the week end.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to make a complaint about the cashier who was working at BOV on the 1st of August 2014 at around 3:00pm.

    The reason for my complaint is that I work just around the corner from the branch. Yesterday I used the branch to cash my cheque and today I entered again. A woman was waiting before me and when she approached the cashier he asked her for her account number and she did not have it as many people do not hold there account number for obvious reasons. When he noticed he she did not have the account number, he started shouting that we should always have our account numbers on us every time we go to the bank while raising his voice and saying that he can still find the account, but it will take him long. The woman was holding her ID card, which is good enough. I believe that people would only take account numbers to the bank years ago and it is not a policy to have to take it with you.

    Because of this matter then, the cashier got in a bad mood, he got up and told the police officer to close the door at around 3.20 rather then 3.30pm. It was then my turn to get assistance and I needed to buy a pre-paid card of 50 Euros. When I noticed that I do not have my ID card and that the bank is now closed I explained that I had come there yesterday and he served me. I also have my house loan with the bank, my personal account and my shared account. I asked him if I could buy the pre-paid card by proving him with all my details and he got very angry and rude saying no in all the wrong ways. At the end of the day, I was not trying to take money out and I was just trying to buy something from the bank. If he had gave me the option to verify my details, I think think this would have been a very easy matter to solve, just like when i call the bank they cannot see me, but I still manage to confirm and get the assistance i need.

    I hope to hear back from Bank of Valletta with any from of feedback asap.

  5. Dear Sirs,

    I have 4 sons. I collected over 3,600 Bank of Valletta shares over the years. This I always paid for myself, since my husband is a miser and I knew he would never buy them a car. My youngest son is 19, Samuel. Some years back, I received notification giving me the option to deposit directly in a separate account. I duly filled it, but I did not do the same for MIA shares, since I prefer to see them. Now, I just discover that BOV opened a current account in Simon Hugh Mamo’s name at the Preluna branch. Why is this when Simon never banked with you? He has banking for over 40 years first with MID MED and now HSBC. Yet you still chose to ignore me and treat me shabbily. I want everything transferred ASAP in Samuel’s name including the interest for lost years.

    I have separated from my ex for 5 years, but it has just been made official with Court Decree on May 29th. Have been running after my ex to transfer everything for a year. So, I went to BOV front office. Roberta who was very helpful, I showed all my receipts from my stock-broker. I have to return with Samuel.

    Yours sincerely,
    Rowena Busietta Sant Fournier

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