Gentlemen’s Clubs

Gentlemen’s Clubs Malta.With the recent commotion on some news websites regarding Gentlemen’s clubs, we decided to visit some of these clubs ourselves to see if the picture is as grim as we are being led to believe (research can be truly awesome). We also took the time to get to know some of the girls to go beyond the outsider’s perspective and try to understand what happens behind the darkened curtains.

In the past few years Gentlemen’s clubs (as they are called) have been popping up all over Paceville. We counted 7 different ones in a relatively small area, and are aware of a further 2 in Malta. They are not called strip clubs because unlike in movies, there are no stripping girls and drunk cheering guys. A dance where any sort of clothing comes off happens in a private area for which monies are paid in advance. Prices vary according to girls and dance. Drinks are a bit more expensive here than regular clubs.

We asked all the girls where they are from, and surprisingly they were all from Romania (not Russia as some reporters claimed). This was corroborated by their accents and Facebook pages (they added us as a friend and they spoke to their friends in Romanian).

Asking them how they ended up doing this job, many admitted it is very hard to find a job in Romania, and usually pay is very little. They come to Malta for the same reason we went to Australia; a better life. Most of the girls see their job as a means to an end and most aspire to be something else.

To make money, they get a commission from drinks paid for by customers and dances. Many try to stay with just drinks although dancing is the nature of the beast and as such they do make an offer (some didn’t even ask and were happy to hang around).

Most have boyfriends which we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and have some drinks with. They were pretty normal guys with the exception of one who works in the online industry and is a total nut-job. They seem to share a keen interest in BMWs.

The bars are mostly ugly, that I agree with and could definitely do with a refurbishment. We also question the DJ’s choice of music; at times bordering cheesy and at other times going for a full fondue.

  1. It’s a big rip off these kind of clubs. They make promises which they will not keep & you end up wasting your money. It’s better to go in one of the massage places all over Malta, you will have more fun for just 50 euros.

  2. Massive rip off, you will get nothing for your money, sure they will make outrageous promises but believe me they will deliver nothing. They will ply you with cheap booze, and never take a wallet, given the chance they will clone your cards and steal all your cash. Leave well alone, if you want a thrill, go to Hamburg or Amsterdam.

  3. Beware! It is a simple rip off. You get absolutely nothing for your money. They will take whatever you have, but give nothing and keep asking for more. All the clubs are the same. No half strip, simply nothing for your money. Don’t fall for the gentleman’s club trap of Malta!

  4. Women wear less sunbathing on the beaches than they do in strip clubs, so I don’t see any problem with it.

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