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Crosscraft Malta ComplaintsIn December 2016 we bought the most recent Whirlpool 6th Sense refrigerator combi from CrossCraft Malta (EU). The fridge is making blubbering and popping noises from day one, whenever the door is opened and or shortly after closing it. The noise is lasting anything from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The volume is so high that we can hear the noise one floor up in our house.

According to CrossCraft Malta this is however perfectly normal for modern anti-frost fridges. Not that I ever experienced another fridge (old or new) making these noises though, even other models of 6th Sense series do not make such noises (experienced a 60cm unit in Belgium in an AirBNB rented house).

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JB Stores

JB Stores Malta.A store designed by a 5-year old on a sugar rush, JB Stores (Iklin) is an easy enough place to find but once you are in, there is no easy way to get out. Escalators are blocked by reams of textiles making you use hidden stairs on the side. Not one thing is in place with no flow whatsoever. To add insult to the injury each floor is an entity of its own. After battling through this maze to find one shower curtain and heading downstairs to pay (you know, like normal shops?!) we were told to go upstairs to Read more »