Vodafone Malta.Vodafone is one of Malta’s main telecommunications and networks service providers with an extensive presence both locally and abroad. It is fair to say they have an avant-garde approach to technology both for consumers and businesses alike.

Products and services vary from a simple pre-paid mobile telephony service to complex and advanced Co-Location and IP transit services. Vodafone’s portfolio is by far one of the most comprehensive, secure and reliable on the island. They also take a pre-emptive approach to future problems, mitigating issues before they happen.

Telecoms is becoming a cut-throat business, with each service provider undercutting the competition with better prices and worse services. Vodafone have managed to find a sweet spot where although their services might not be the cheapest they are by far the most reliable. Support is nothing short of amazing.

Needless to say, issues will arise from time to time and here is where Vodafone excel. Their support is always ready to help and actually knows and understands what is going on instead of reading the next line off a script. This goes miles in putting your mind at ease knowing that when push comes to shove, a whole team of professionals will be at your side to help you through.

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