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Gasan Automotive

Gasan Malta.As importers of world-renowned brands Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and Volvo, Gasan is a well-established group of companies in Malta. Whilst they do sell some of the strongest brands in the automotive industry, how well do they serve their clients?

Gasan automotive’s selection encompasses Volvo, Ford, Mazda and Jaguar; all well-known brands with Read more »

RMF Roadside Assistance

RMF Malta.Having started their operations on the island in 1987, RMF is probably one of the most known roadside assistance service companies in Malta.

Whilst we have never made use of the full suite of services and products RMF offers, apart from roadside assistance their portfolio of services also offers vehicle inspection and legal/ technical advice services. They also offer the possibility to issue out Read more »

MET Roadside Assistance

MET Malta.Cars inevitably break down. Punctures are not something we’ll ever think will not happen to us, even more so driving in roads where tank tracks would be a more suitable option to rubber. This makes car towing service as important as having fuel in your gas tank.

MET offer the complete works when it comes to taking care of your beloved car; from towing and Read more »