Franco Debono

MP Franco Debono.So I have been trying to login timesofmalta’s website to no avail for quite some time. I keep getting a wrong password error and whenever I request a new one for some reason that does not work either so instead of emailing their IT administrator, I would like to rant here.

First off, because this is becoming quite a thorn in my back-side, for all commentators, if you can’t speak English there are two options. A being school and B being Microsoft Word that comes with a built in dictionary and thesaurus. Seriously, I would rather stick pins in my eyes than read your butchered English.

Moving along to the subject of this rant; the recent travesty that has hit our political system at the centre of which Franco Debono is basking in his five minutes of glory.

First off, let me come clean by saying I do agree with some of his points. They make sense and satisfy the logic criteria. Irrelevant of that, the means do not justify the end. If tomorrow morning I was to go to my boss and ask him for a new department or else I would bring the company down, not only would I get fired on the spot, I will get sued and never ever find another employment. It is the right thing to do to voice your opinion, HOWEVER, when management takes a decision you get ONBOARD with it. Franco Debono does not run the government, he is a part of it and he responds to the prime minister. The prime minister responds to us, the citizens of Malta. If Franco Debono was an employee, Lawrence Gonzi is the CEO and we are the shareholders. It goes like this; employee does the work the CEO asks him to. CEO is accountable for results. If results are not delivered shareholders fire CEO. This works because everyone has the right incentives to do their best.

It is also becoming clearer that this guy is just looking for attention like the annoying little kid that kicks and screams whenever he does not get what he wants. A spoiled brat. Who cares what his Form 2 results are? And his antics with his mobile phone? If you want to come across as professional and credible switch the damned thing off. That is unless he was vying to get HTC to purchase his patent for a phone that rings when it’s switched off, in which case well done.

On a side-note, to all those people that are saying Malta is in a crisis; chill the f**k out! This morning I bought milk and bread like I do every day, got to work and back home safe and at no point did I come close to losing my house, job or life. Crisis is when armed gunmen point a barrel at you, when you go to work and find the company closed or go home to find rubble. We are not in imminent danger because some vavu decided to do what he pleases.

We are part of a system because whilst it has its flaws, it works. If everyone decided to take matters in their own hands, then there will certainly be chaos. The means do not justify the ends so Franco Debono, get a reality check, please, and act like a grown up!

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