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Scan MaltaHailed as Malta’s biggest computer store with 2 outlets covering the south and centre, Scan is one of the most well-known PC stores in Malta.

Their range is wide, making it rather difficult not to find what you are looking for and everything is available online, making it easier to do your research before your purchase. Every week they have special offers which they list on their site, recently adding a further ‘today only’ offer, discounting more items.

Comparing pricing on-line Scan are on-par with what is available on the local market. They also have a Loyalty Card Scheme which gives you a 10% discount and the Scan Commitment where they pledge to beat or at least match any price. Their offers can be rather misleading at times so make sure to check it out first. A few years back, Scan offered a pay-monthly offer on TV sets. Upon enquiring about this offer, their sales representative informed me that I would have to take a loan with the bank of my choice. Hmm… How is that a Scan offer? And why was it only on TVs? Can I not take a loan for a PC or a laptop? And do I really need Scan to put up an offer for me to go to MY bank? Guess not! Not sure what Scan were thinking when they came up with this rather dumb idea for an offer.

All of Scan’s staff are a pleasure to deal with as far as our experience goes. They are extremely helpful and seem to enjoy their job. Their communication can be lacking at times especially via email so you would need to stay on top of things.

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  1. After leaving a €20 deposit for an inspection of my laptop and been told by the assistant it was entered on the system and so I didn’t need a receipt. A week later I was told there was no record of my deposit and staff refused to give their surnames when I said I wanted to file a police report, I was made to feel like I was a liar and they were very unhelpful and refused to discuss the matter further.

  2. I agree with martin, both locally and from EU member states you can order online, make a saving, have it shipped and if it breaks there is always a remedy, some even offer free shipping back to them for the item to be replaced or repaired, sadly as they went on to become a white goods seller for appliances they have fallen back on what they originally where a decent computer shop. Sadly the 2 shops mentioned below are no longer in business, and I end up shopping around as the supply chain even for local shops has become more competitive.

  3. Just fixed my PC, when I arrived home all the screws were loose, I switched it on and the CD player could not work. I had to open it myself and I realized that the wires were a mess and found other issues. It’s not about how fast you do the job, but its how good your at it. I’m sorry, but you’re not professional.

  4. Godfrey Caruana

    When I need something from the IT world I always go to scan computer, why? Because I always had good products and good prices and what’s more important, besides service all the lovely salespersons gives you; I like the after sales service and the system they apply. I bought 2 laptops, a hard disk, a router and many more products from scan computer and I am never gonna change them-thank you.

  5. Complete rip off company. They sell overpriced cheap electronics which generally turn out to be faulty… and then pretend to fix them. Where anywhere else they would simply replace a broken product, at Scan they keep it for a couple weeks and tell you its fixed. Two weeks later the same problem reappears. What a joke of a company.

  6. I have always got the best attention from the helpful and professional staff. Thanks.

  7. I used to by from Scan over a decade ago, but stopped after I got fed up with their crappy customer care! I am an IT specialist, and I can’t stay wasting time coming and going with faulty devices, sometimes over priced compared to their competitors too.

    These days I buy from Compunet, Target Tech and a few other companies, they may be big or small, but most provide better support & free delivery to all Europe too!

    • Reply to Warren Camilleri of Compunet. Warren, you are really in the dark and not busy posting bad reviews to other shops, let’s say your competitors.

      • Sorry cos I mentioned Compunet and Target Tech, does not make me their worker. I wrote from my own personal experience. To be honest, I could debate on many other shops. They all have their pros and cons. Take a look at Rubs. With electronics especially from a “reputable” name I should not be faced by bull*hit when hardware fails under warranty.

      • Warren Camilleri of Compunet, just be responsible like an adult.

  8. Ordered a Printer by phone to be delivered. Paid an extra fee for delivery and was promised to deliver Monday evening.

    On Monday morning 7:00am I received a phone call from a panicked person telling me he will come with the delivery in 30 mins, because he just came from Gozo. (I live in Mellieha). My reply was “NO”. Monday evening I waited for the printer. No one called or came with the delivery. On Tuesday someone called me for the delivery this time in the afternoon.

    Seeing this disorganization I cancelled my order and bought form another shop.

  9. Why even bother buying from Scan? Their prices are incredibly high compared to local shops and abroad. They tell you they can beat any price! Why should I keep an eye on their prices? They should do their jobs and if someone beat their price which most have done, they should sell them lower. If they are confident that their prices are the lowest, they wouldn’t do price challenges. Their after-sales is a nightmare also. Last time I went was one and half years ago and not planning to.

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