Scotts Supermarkets

Scotts MaltaScotts is one of Malta’s larger supermarket chain stores with 7 outlets spread across the island. They offer late night shopping on certain days (till 8pm) a treat to busy individuals that might spend long hours at work.

The range is varied though we do miss some of our favourite brands. The bakery and butcher section are some of the best we have found with fresh bread and hot chocolate croissants available throughout most of the day as well as some of the finest meats we love to indulge in. We have come across some products that were too close to expiration date for comfort without any discounts as it is traditional. A selection of varied fruit and vegetables compliments their selections making Scotts a good well-rounder.

Pricing is competitive with some offers on mostly frozen products and detergents. Whilst Scott’s website does not list products and pricing like some of their main competitors, they run Special Offers which can be found on their site, usually running for 2 weeks.

Not much to report here. Being brought polite and courteous we say our pleases and thank-you’s only to be ignored in favour of a full-blown conversation on what Richard messaged Janice (he’s an idiot it and Janice is totally in love with him). One customer complained about the lack of availability of half-pint milk cartons with the wrong department who asked her to shop earlier. Can’t blame the boy but it did make us giggle quietly to ourselves.

  1. Today I bought some fresh pesto at Burmarrad. 200gr came more euro 5 – than 23 euro per kg. At home I tasted it and it is not good. Very few basil in it. I bought also Bigilla which in Scotts in St Julians is very good usually. But again not nice.

  2. I am sorry to say that the the girls at the delicatessen are not up to customer service. I am referring to Scotts of Burmarrad. Last Saturday I was disgusted with the attitude of one of the girls; a sevice with a smile does not exist and a reply on “have a nice day” is not heard. Hope you see to this unfriendly atmosphere. Thank you.

  3. Scotts in Burmarrad is excellent. Very good product choice, very pleasant atmosphere, friendly, polite staff. My favourite supermarket by far.

  4. I was once charged €100 for a lettuce at Scotts no kidding! Bill was dodgier than a geezer at a gala and silly cashier did not ring any bells.

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