Shadow Lounge

Shadow Lounge Malta.The only way to access this place is by making your way through an ocean of people sweating and rubbing against you. In the 30 minutes in takes you to cross 10 meters of dance floor you get more action than Jenna Jameson gets in a life-time of movies.

Shadow lounge is a nightclub so what you should be getting is a good time. Once you make it past the burly bouncer that gruffs and puffs like he’s been bench-pressing the building, you get some room where you can breathe and maybe pull off some dance moves. They do get some rather lively DJs with an MC that keeps things fresh. A rather pleasant thing about this place is that no one looks like they should be home reading The Famous Five or whatever it is kid reads these days – maybe Harry Potter – we’re not sure.

The goal of a night-club is not to be economically competitive, people are there to have a good time and won’t remember what they paid for their drinks (it comes as a package really). However prices are identical to what you get to pay in most of the nightclubs along the Paceville strip.

Most nightclubs do not get the idea of service, serving you drinks in the shortest time possible to get on to the next punter who might very well be drunk. At Shadow Lounge, they do give you your change in a shiny platter which we thought is rather posh considering the circumstances. We also witnessed a bouncer tackle an incoherent comedian; sadly there were no flash-bangs or lasers. They might be big but they sure move quick!

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